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Product introduction:

OTU2e 11.1G family are new generation of 11.1G transceiver modules solution based on SFP+ form factor.

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range
SFP+ CLSFP11G85SR MMF 11.1G 850nm 300m LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11G13LR SMF 11.1G 1310nm 20km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11G15ER SMF 11.1G 1550nm 40km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11G15ZR SMF 11.1G 1550nm 80km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11GCW-** (10~80km) SMF 11.1G CWDM 10~80km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11GDW-** (10~80km) SMF 11.1G DWDM 10~80km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11GBDCW-** (10~80km) SMF 11.1G CWDM 10~80km LC Com.
SFP+ CLSFP11GBDDW-** (10~80km) SMF 11.1G DWDM 10~80km LC Com.

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