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Product introduction:

C-LIGHT XFP Module supports 10GBASE Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64 data rates.The modules operate at a nominal wavelength of 850nm/1310nm/1550nm, XFP SR,  LR,ER and ZR.

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Package Form Part No. Fiber Type Data Rate Range Wavelength Reach Port Case Temperature range DownLoad
XFP CLXFP858GSW/I MMF 8G 850nm 300m LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP138GLW/I SMF 8G 1310nm 10km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP158GEX40 SMF 8G 1550nm 40km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP158GZX80 SMF 8G 1550nm 80km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP8510GSR/I MMF 1G/10.3G 850nm <300m LC Ext./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP1310GLRM MMF 9.95-11.1G 1310nm <220m LC Ext.  
XFP CLXFP1310GLR02 SMF 9.95-11.1G 1310nm 2km LC Ext.  
XFP CLXFP1310GLR/I SMF 9.95-11.1G 1310nm 10km LC Ext./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP1310GLR20 SMF 9.95-11.1G 1310nm 20km LC Ext.  
XFP CLXFP1330GLR40 SMF 9.95-11.1G 1330nm 40km LC Ext.  
XFP CLXFP1510GER SMF 9.95-11.1G 1550nm 40km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP1510GZR SMF 9.95-11.1G 1550nm 80km LC Com./Ind.  
XFP CLXFP1510GZR100 SMF 9.95-11.1G 1550nm 100km LC Com./Ind.