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C-Light Team-building Activity - Games + Cooking

Date: 2019-10-23 03:15:14From: C-lightOnclick:
Last week, C-Light organized the R&D, finance, and administrative departments to go to Longhua for a one-day group building event to experience the better communication and friendship.
Since there are so many staff members, we need to divided into three groups. The games were impressive because we found team spirit in it. The weather was good and the atmosphere was quite active. All staff members are happy in this team and strong love for this industry the strength behind it.
We divided into three tables to cook. All passersby came to take photos since we cooked so well. All staff members are found to be so gracious that they are almost always with smile after work. People in C-light are very kind because they are not only work fellow but also true friends. This is valuable and everyone of us appreciates it.
A good working environment includes many factors, such as stable operation and appropriate attitude towards clients and colleague. C-light is such an example.

The group building activities promoted communication among different departments, further strengthened team cohesion, promoted the stable construction of corporate culture, delighted staff's mood, and encouraged employee's fighting spirit, which played a positive role in inner team cooperation.