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Understand the difference between GPON and EPON in one article

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 This article mainly introduces the difference between modem GPON and EPON.


  Introduction to EPON and GPON

 What is EPON
  At the physical layer, EPON uses 1000BASE Ethernet PHY. At the same time, in the PON transmission mechanism, the newly added MAC control commands are used to control and optimize the burst data between each optical network unit (ONU) and optical line terminal (OLT) Communication and real-time TDM communication. At the second layer of the protocol, EPON adopts mature full-duplex Ethernet technology and uses TDM. Since the ONU sends datagrams in its own time slot, there is no collision and no CDMA/CD is required. Make full use of bandwidth. In addition, EPON provides QoS similar to APON/GPON by implementing 802.1p in the MAC layer.

 What is GPON
        GPON, FSAN, and ITU have standardized it. Its technical feature is that it uses ITU-T defined GFP (General Framing Procedure) to encapsulate and map multiple services such as Ethernet, TDM, and ATM at the second layer. It can provide 1.2 5G bps. And 2. 5G bps downlink rate, and several uplink rates of 155M, 622M, 1.25Gbps, 2.5Gbps, and have strong OAM function.

C-light GPON stick

      Comparison of EPON and GPON

  The technical characteristics of EPON are as follows :

  1) Ethernet is the best carrier for carrying IP services;
  2) Simple maintenance, easy expansion, and easy upgrade;
  3) EPON equipment is mature and available. EPON has already laid out millions of lines in Asia. The third generation of commercial chips has been launched. The prices of related optical modules and chips have dropped significantly, reaching the level of large-scale commercial use, which can meet the requirements of recent broadband services. ;

  The technical characteristics of GPON are as follows:

  1) Access network for telecommunications operations;
         2)High bandwidth: line rate, downlink 2.488Gb/s, uplink 1.244Gb/s;
        3)High transmission efficiency: 94% downstream (actual bandwidth up to 2.4G) upstream 93% (actual bandwidth up to 1.1G);
     4) Full service support: The G.984.X standard strictly defines the support for all telecom-level services (voice, data and video);
  5) Strong management ability: rich functions, sufficient OAM domains are reserved in the frame structure, and OMCI standards have been formulated;
  6) High service quality: multiple QoS levels, which can strictly guarantee the bandwidth and delay requirements of the business;

What is the difference between GPON and EPON

  1. EPON and GPON adopt different standards. It can be said that GPON is a more advanced point, which can transmit larger bandwidth and can bring more users than EPON. GPON originated from the early APONBPON technology of optical fiber communication, and developed from this, the ATM frame format is used to transmit the code stream. The E of EPON refers to the interconnected Ethernet, so when EPON was born, it was required to be able to directly and seamlessly connect with the Internet, so the code stream of EPON follows the frame format of Ethernet. Of course, in order to adapt to the transmission on the optical fiber, a layer of frame format defined by EPON is wrapped outside the frame of the Ethernet frame format.

  2. The EPON standard is IEEE's 802.3ah. The basic principle of the IEEE making the EPON standard is to carry out EPON standardization work within the 802.3 system structure as much as possible, and to minimize the expansion of the standard Ethernet MAC protocol.

  3. The GPON standard is the ITU-TG.984 series of standards. The formulation of the GPON standard takes into account the support for traditional TDM services, and continues to adopt a 125ms fixed frame structure to maintain 8K timing continuity. In order to support multiple protocols such as ATM, GPON defines a new packaging structure GEM: GPONEncapsulaTIon Method. The ATM and other protocol data can be mixed and encapsulated into frames.

  4. In terms of application, GPON has larger bandwidth than EPON. Its service carrying capacity is more efficient, and its optical splitting ability is stronger. It can transmit larger bandwidth services and achieve more user access. It pays more attention to multi-service and QoS guarantee, but it is more effective. Complicated, this causes its cost to be relatively high compared to EPON, but with the large-scale deployment of GPON technology, the cost difference between GPON and EPON is gradually shrinking.

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