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Transceiver Solution for Cisco 3750

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Cisco's catalyst 3750 series switch is an innovative product line, which combines industry-leading ease of use and the highest redundancy to improve the working efficiency of stacked switches in LAN. This new product line adopts the latest Cisco stackwise technology, which not only realizes stack interconnection of up to 32gbps, but also integrates several independent switches in stack from physical to logical, so that users can build a unified and highly flexible switching system just like a whole switch. This represents the new industrial technology level and standard of stackable switch.
For medium-sized organizations and enterprise branches, Cisco catalyst 3750 series can automatically configure intelligent network services by providing configuration flexibility and supporting integrated network mode, reducing the deployment difficulty of integrated applications and adapting to the changing business requirements. In addition, the Cisco catalyst 3750 series is specially optimized for high-density Gigabit Ethernet deployment, including a variety of switches that can meet the requirements of access, convergence or small network backbone connection.


Cisco catalyst 3750g-24ts -- 24 Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 ports and 4 SFPs uplink
Cisco catalyst 3750g-24t -- 24 Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 ports
Cisco catalyst 3750-48ts -- 48 Ethernet 10 / 100 ports and 4 SFPs uplink
Cisco catalyst 3750-24ts -- 24 Ethernet 10 / 100 ports and 2 small form factor pluggable (SFP) uplinks
Cisco catalyst 3750 series can use standard multi tier software mirroring (SMI) or enhanced multi tier software mirroring (EMI). The SMI feature set includes advanced quality of service (QoS), rate limiting, access control list (ACL) and basic static and routing information protocol (RIP) routing functions. EMI can provide a richer set of enterprise level functions, including advanced, hardware based IP unicast and multicast routing.
Cisco stackwise technology -- a new standard of stackable elasticity
Cisco stackwise technology is an advanced stack architecture optimized for Gigabit Ethernet. The technology is designed to respond to device addition, removal, and redeployment in a timely manner while maintaining stable performance.
With special stacking interconnect cables and stacking software, Cisco stackwise technology can connect up to nine separate Cisco catalyst 3750 switches into a unified logical unit. Stacking is equivalent to a single switching unit, managed by a primary switch selected from the member switches. The main switch can automatically create and upgrade all exchange information and optional routing tables. A working stack can add new members or remove old members without interrupting service.

Main features and advantages

Availability - non disruptive tier 2 and Tier 3 performance
Cisco catalyst 3750 series improves the availability of stackable switches. Each switch can act as the primary controller and forwarding processor. Each switch in the stack can act as a master switch, creating a 1: N availability mechanism for network control. In case of failure of one unit (although the possibility of this is very small), all other units can continue to forward traffic and keep normal operation.
Easy to use - plug and play configuration
A working stack can be managed and configured by itself. When users add or remove switches, the main switch automatically updates all routing tables to reflect the changes of stack structure in time. Upgrade information is sent to all members of the stack at the same time.
Scalability Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet
The Cisco catalyst 3750 series can stack up to nine switches together to form a unified logical unit, including a total of 468 Ethernet 10 / 100 ports or 252 Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 ports. Each 10 / 100 and 10 / 100 / 1000 unit can be combined arbitrarily according to the needs of the network.
Mix and match switch types - pay for the speed of your network expansion
The stack can be any combination of Cisco catalyst 3750 switches. Customers who need to mix 10 / 100 and 10 / 100 / 1000 ports can gradually develop the access environment, that is, only pay for the functions they need.
Excellent quality of service - covering stack and line speed
Cisco catalyst 3750 series can provide Gigabit Ethernet speed and intelligent services, so as to maintain smooth transmission of all data even when it is ten times the normal network speed. Industry leading tagging, classification, and scheduling mechanisms deliver the industry's best performance for data, voice, and video traffic all at line speed.
Security -- precise control of access environment
Cisco catalyst 3750 series supports a set of comprehensive security functions for connectivity and access control, including ACL, identity authentication, port level security and identity based, 802.1x and its extended network services.
Single IP manages one IP address shared by multiple switches
Column stacks are managed as a unified object with a single IP address. Single IP management can support fault detection, virtual LAN creation and change, security and QoS control.
Large frame support for demanding applications
ISCO catalyst 3750 series can support large frames on a 10 / 100 / 1000 configuration, Support for those high-level numbers that need to use large data frames for video applications
Support for Ipv6 (future software upgrades are required to start features) -- ready for the future
Catalyst 3750 can achieve maximum performance through hardware based IPv6 Routing. With the growth of network devices and the increasing demand for larger address space and higher security, catalyst 3750 will be able to meet the needs of people.
Management options
The Cisco catalyst 3750 series offers a web-based tool for precise configuration, excellent command-line interface (CLI), and Cisco Cluster Management Suite (CMS) software for rapid configuration based on preset templates. In addition, Cisco works can also manage the Cisco catalyst 3750 series across the network.
C-light provides a wide range of supported optical transceivers for Cisco 3750 switch. Each one of them has been tested with assured 100% compatibility to them.
C-LIGHT xPON ONT(ONU) Transceiver is standard SFP form. Both EPON and GPON data-com applications can be realized by it. C-LIGHT ONU SFP has LC/APC LC/UPC PIGTAIL options, B+ C+ options, -40℃~85℃/ -20℃~85℃ and 0℃~70℃ temperatures options, EEPROM info vendor name/ part number/ serial number customization options

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