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Transceiver Solution for Arista 7060

Date: 2020-05-20 01:19:36 From: C-light Onclick:

        In 2015, Arista Networks announced support for the technology 25G specification, and its data center switches will support 25G, 50G and 100Gbps Ethernet. Arista also upgraded its own operating system software to support these switches and provide them with a series of features, including enhanced uptime and avoiding reset and reload.
       The Arista 7060X, 7260X, and 7320X models have a fixed branch and modular backbone design. These switches use the Tomahawk chipset provided by Broadcom. Tomahawk technology can provide 3.2 Tbps switching capacity on a single chip-divided into 32 100G ports-and SDN optimization engine, which supports full 25G interconnection per channel, can be connected to the transmission of 25G and 50G Ethernet networks and finally Compatible with 100G Ethernet standard.
       C-light transceiver on Arista 7060
  The switch models include:
  7060CX-32S can provide 10/25/40/50 / 100G multi-speed transmission capability in 32 ports among 1RU branch switches.
  7260QX-64, a 42-port 40G 2RU low-latency system, whose single port power consumption is less than 5 watts.
  7260CX-64 provides 64 100G interface channels in 2RU space. All 7260 series switches support a 450 nanosecond delay level, VXLAN routing and bridging, 136K MAC address, 128K IPv4 and 84K IPv6 routing, and 104K host routing.
  7320X-32C is a 32-port 100G module for the existing 7300X cabinet, which can realize the switching capacity of 256 100G ports in each system. Each port can support 100G, 40G, 2 x 50G, 4 x 10G or 4 x 25G according to the user's choice. Arista also disclosed a fabric card for the 7329X product line, which supports full-duplex transmission capability of 6.4 Tbps per card slot channel and can cooperate with 100G connections.
  The 7050X series switch models include 7050X-72Q and 7050TX-72Q. Both provide a combination of 48 10G products and 6 QSFP + 40G ports, and support wired high-speed VXLAN routing.
  Arista also joined the Tomahawk Switch Architecture Alliance with Cisco and Dell. Arista and Broadcom are both founding members of the 25 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance. White box switch manufacturer Pica8 announced the news of its 25G switch products in six months.
  The above-mentioned Arista switches all use the updated Arista EOS operating system software. The updates include Smart System Upgrade that can avoid the impact of data packet loss on the application during the upgrade process and the port can be adjusted without resetting or restarting the entire switch. New features of speed.
  According to official confirmation, each switch product of Arista Company runs the same EOS binary image and supports the complete EOS feature set.
  The switch products are supported by Arista's CloudVision workload automation and orchestration software.
  Arista also announced that its 40G and 100G optical fiber products have been officially launched, including a set of 40G BiDi compatible transceivers that can dock multimode optical fibers. The company also provides a set of 100G connection options for server-to-branch and branch-to-backbone connections, including Active Optical Cables, 100GBASE-SR4, and 25GbE multi-core optical cables.
       At present, 7060X-32 and 7260QX-64 have been officially put on the market, and the starting price is $ 1000 for 100GbE ports. The enhanced version of EOS has also been officially launched.
       The 7050X switch met with users in the fourth quarter of 2015. The 7320X model and the 40G and 100G optical fibers were launched together.
       C-light provides a wide range of supported optical transceivers for Arista 7060. Each one of them has been tested with assured 100% compatibility to them.
       C-light transceiver on Arista 7060