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Transceiver Solution for Dell EMC S5048-ON

Date: 2020-04-24 01:59:42 From: C-light Onclick:

The Dell EMC S5048-ON switch is an innovative, future-ready, open-top open network switch that can provide enterprises, mid-market, secondary cloud, and NFV service providers with superior functionality and economic benefits to meet their demanding computing and Storage traffic environment requirements. The S5048F-ON 25GbE switch is Dell’s most advanced decoupled hardware and software data center network solution, capable of providing backward compatible 25GbE server port connections, 100GbE uplinks, storage-optimized architecture, and a wide variety of Functions to meet the growing needs of today ’s data center environment today and in the future. The compact form factor of the S5048F-ON provides industry-leading high density through its model design, which can provide up to 72 25GbE ports or up to 48 25GbE ports and 6 100GbE ports in 1RU space. The S5048F-ON has industry-leading hardware and the preferred Dell OS9 or preferred third-party network operating system and tools to provide non-blocking performance for workloads sensitive to packet loss *. The compact S5048F-ON model provides multi-rate support, enabling higher-density applications and easier migration to 25GbE server connections and 100GbE network racks structure. With priority-based flow control (PFC), data center bridge switching (DCBX), and enhanced transport selection (ETS) technologies, the S5048F-ON has become an excellent choice for data center bridging environments.
Performance and Features
Dell EMC Networking S Series S5048F-ON switches are high-performance, multi-functional 10/25/40/50/100 GbE top-of-rack switches designed to run a variety of applications in high-performance data centers, cloud and computing environments . In addition, S5048F-ON integrates the characteristics of multiple architectures, which can improve the flexibility, efficiency and availability of the data center. These features include: support for airflow from the IO panel to the power supply unit or airflow from the power supply unit to the IO panel for cold / hot aisle environments, and redundant hot-swappable power supplies and fans.
Main application
To choose network technology to obtain the required flexibility, and then create a software-defined data center organization.
In a high-performance data center environment, it has the ability to access servers with a native high-density 25GbE top-of-rack network.
25GbE is backward compatible with 10G and 1G in order to be ready for future needs and to migrate data center servers to faster uplink speeds.
Unlimited connection of 25G and 10G servers can be connected through the ports on the front panel.
The deployment of iSCSI storage specifically includes DCB converged lossless transaction processing.
It is used as a top-of-rack switch or branch switch in the implementation of 100G Active Fabric network.
Used as a high-speed VXLAN L2 gateway to connect a tiered network based on a hypervisor to a non-virtualized infrastructure.
Meet the requirements of emerging applications, such as allowing hardware to support new protocols.
Main features
It is a 1RU high-density 25/10/1 GbE top-of-rack switch that can provide up to 48 native 25 GbE (SFP28) ports to support 25 GbE without branch cables.
Provide multi-rate 100GbE ports that can support 10/25/40/50/100 GbE.
3.6Tbps (full-duplex) non-blocking, store-and-forward switching network architecture can provide line speed * under full load.
Scalable L2 and L3 Ethernet switches provide QoS, as well as complete, standards-based IPv4 and IPv6 features, including OSPF and BGP routing support.
Provides level 2 multipathing support through virtual link trunking technology (VLT) and multi-VLT (mVLT) multi-chassis link aggregation technology.
VRF-lite supports network infrastructure sharing and provides level 3 traffic isolation across tenants.
The open automation framework allows the addition of automated settings and resource configuration capabilities, thereby simplifying the management of the network environment.
Provide jumbo frame support for large-scale data transmission.
128 link aggregation groups can use enhanced hash algorithm to achieve 8 members per group.
Provide redundant hot-swappable power supply units and fans.
Support airflow from IO panel to power supply or power supply to IO panel.
Tool-free, enterprise-grade ReadyRails ? installation kits are provided to save time and resources required to install switch racks.
It can operate with high energy efficiency at temperatures as high as 45 ° C, thereby reducing the cost of heat dissipation in a temperature-constrained deployment environment (in line with Dell ’s Fresh Air 2.0 standard).
Provide converged network support for data center bridging and electronic communication network functions.
Support the open source Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), which can install an alternative network operating system without human contact
Fibre Channel, FCoE, FCoE transit (FIP sniffing) and NPIV proxy gateway (NPG), Fibre Channel forwarding (FCF)
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