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Core Competitiveness

All series of optical devices and solutions

We are committed to offering full range of quality and reliable optical devices, including pluggable optical module for metropolitan area network and access network, optical module applied to the Datacenter, Active optical cable, optical passive device,Mux-demux, High-density data center system solution, HD video SFP, Optical transmission product, Optical transceiver switch, Network data detection device and Video communication equipment etc.

  Automated production, test systems and product traceability systems with excellent quality

Our production line implements IT management throughout the entire process, from ERP order and material input management, automatic test management system for production processes to final label print. Strict digital management not only prevents mis-mixing, but also traces the product back and forth.

Equipments of each production inspection station are imported to make sure our test accuracy is higher than industry standards. Fully equipped reliability test equipment for monitoring reliability of products. We secure our strict internal control system in accordance with ISO quality standards.

       Product compatibility and customization capabilities, high quality and reasonable price

Our optical products can be compatible with major brands around the world. After long-term rigorous testing and verification, the performance can fully meet the industry standards.

We aimed to providing fast, customized service to our customers around the world. We are committed to providing flexible, customized design, production and service to our customers.

Our company continuously improves internal management to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Under the premise of ensuring good quality, the price is lower than the same type of product on markets.