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    40G DAC

    Product introduction:

    C-LIGHT 40G QSFP+ Copper Twinax cables are suitable for very short distances and offer a highly cost-effective way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. 

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    RatePart No.PortPackage FormReachCase Temperature rangeFiber Type
    40G QSFP -
    40G QSFP
    CL40GQ-QCU-1 DAC Cable 1m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-QCU-2 DAC Cable 2m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-QCU-3 DAC Cable 3m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-QCU-5 DAC Cable 5m0~70℃ 26AWG
    CL40GQ-QCU-7 DAC Cable 7m0~70℃ 24AWG
    40G QSFP -
    4x10G SFP
    CL40GQ-4SCU-1 DAC Cable 1m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-4SCU-2 DAC Cable 2m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-4SCU-3 DAC Cable 3m0~70℃ 30AWG
    CL40GQ-4SCU-5 DAC Cable 5m0~70℃ 26AWG
    CL40GQ-4SCU-7 DAC Cable 7m0~70℃ 24AWG