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Transceiver solution for Nokia 7360

Date: 2020-07-14 07:10:25 From: C-light Onclick:
       The 7360 ISAM FX series OLT is the third-generation OLT system with an application enabling mechanism. Its function is far stronger than that of the first-generation Internet access platform and the second-generation triple-play access platform system. *** Choice for full service access. The 7360 ISAM FX series OLT can meet operators' requirements for multi-service access, multiple FTTx deployment scenarios, and multiple PON access technologies. 7360 ISAM FX series OLT can integrate EPON, 10G EPON, GPON, 10G GPON, P2P and VDSL2 and other multiple access (point-to-multipoint, point-to-point, DSL) on the same platform, which brings great deployment to operators Flexibility, operators will not be limited to a certain technology, you can choose any kind of access technology for any kind of application scenarios and deploy any kind of business. At the same time, operators can greatly reduce CAPEX and OPEX through this converged platform, without continuing to invest on those independent platforms, reducing inventory and multi-system operation and maintenance management.
  The 7360 ISAM FX series has three products according to different capacity:
  7360 ISAM FX-16, providing 16 business slots
  7360 ISAM FX-8, providing 8 business slots
  7360 ISAM FX-4, providing 4 business slots
  7360 ISAM can provide more powerful processing capacity, higher density line cards and ports, serve more users on the same platform, and provide higher access bandwidth. 7360 ISAM can provide the industry's most powerful processing control board, as well as GPON, 10G GPON, EPON, 10G EPON and VDSL2 line cards with the highest service port density. It is the preferred access platform for mainstream operators worldwide. status information
  7360 ISAM can provide ITU / FSAN G.984 standard, downlink 2.5Gb / s, cover 20km range, adopt standard OMCI ONT management interface, GPON access capability with powerful QoS capability 7360 ISAM can be smooth and traditional PSTN Voice network and RF video network are integrated together to meet the requirements of specific customers; meanwhile, 7360 ISAM supports P2P point-to-point network, which can meet the requirements of commercial customers, bring new business income for operators, and view ONU receiving power.
  The 7360 ISAM is an access platform that truly meets the requirements of "green environmental protection". The deployment of xPON passive optical network can reduce OPEX by 40% to 60% compared to the existing copper wire access network. In addition, the 7360 IS uses advanced green environmental protection technologies, such as low-power line cards, highly integrated soC chips, and optimized circuits.
  The 7360 ISAM solution mainly includes the following equipment:
  OLT: packet optical line terminal, responsible for user data and IP video service access
  ONU / MDU: Optical network terminal, which is a terminal device located on the user side
  EMS: network element management system, including 5528 WAM / 5520AMS
  Main functions of the system
  Non-blocking system architecture and distributed processing mechanism
  High-density access node, supporting up to 16 line card service slots
  The main control board supports multiple operating modes: single board, active / standby switching, load sharing
  Support multiple line cards: GPON, EPON, P2P, 10G GPON, 10G EPON, VDSL2
  Support multiple voice standards: SIP, H.248, etc.
    Support high-precision clock and multiple synchronization technologies: synchronous Ethernet, BITS, NTR, IEEE 1588 V2
  Support MPLS technology
  Support IPv6
  Support multiple L3 routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, etc.)
  Support embedded OTDR online breakpoint monitoring function
       Built-in industry-first application-enabled AE processing chip
  Main advantages of the system
  Unified flat-supports multiple technologies, multiple services, multiple FTTx deployment scenarios
  Open platform-support multiple operators to provide their own services on the same platform
  Flexible platform-supports multiple line cards to flexibly meet the requirements of full-service deployment
  Easy platform-use the same business configuration process for different access technologies
  All-round platform-the same platform can meet the access requirements of public customers, business customers and mobile base stations
  Upgraded platform-supports upgrading from standard capacity to medium capacity to large capacity platform
  Simplified platform-supports simplified network management and unified service forwarding through MPLS technology
  Green platform-meet the technical requirements of green environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction
       Nokia 7360 OLT business board FGLT-A FGLT-B
       C-light provides a wide range of supported optical transceivers for Nokia 7360. Each one of them has been tested with assured 100% compatibility to them.
       Test video of C-light Transceiver on Nokia 7360

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